A Tycoon's Secret by Avery Laval

When Khalid Abbasi grew up in the Las Vegas foster system, he had no idea he was a member of a family—and a royal one at that. Once he learns the truth, he is immediately summoned to rule a small exclave on the Persian Gulf. That very day, he leaves his fiancée Marissa with a kiss and a promise that he'll come back soon.

But Khalid breaks his promise to return for Marissa—and Marissa’s heart breaks in turn. She never tells him how close they came to starting a family together.

In the spot where Khalid used to hold love for Marissa, only ice remains, until the day he sees her in the Cairo Four Seasons hotel. Their passion comes rushing back, and it’s a passion they can’t resist. Now that Khalid has Marissa in his life again, he's unable to let her slip through his fingers again, no matter what his duty requires. Will they learn to trust each other again? Or will the secrets of their pasts overwhelm their second chance at love?


Title: A Tycoon's Secret
Author: Avery Laval
Series: Sin City Tycoons
Pages: 222
Genre(s): Contemporary, US
Hot Buttons: Miscarriage


I am a huge fan of Avery Laval. Her writing is so effortless. It sets a scene and really draws you into the story. And that’s exactly what happens with this story. It’s the third in the Sin City Tycoon’s series but it stands completely alone so you don’t have to worry about reading other books to understand and enjoy this one.

The story focusses on the complicated relationship between Khalid and Marissa. Three years ago, things were going particularly well for the pair in their first throes of new love - until, out of the blue, Khalid learns that he is actually a sheikh from a foreign land and has to leave Marissa just as she’s getting ready to tell him some life-changing news. After losing contact, the pair reunite three years later in Cairo.

And that’s when my daydream of being captured by an enigmatic, taciturn sheikh comes right into play. Oh boy!

I liked Marissa a lot - enjoying especially that she wasn’t afraid to face up to her emotions and admit, at the very least to herself, what she wanted and what her feelings were. Of course I also liked Khalid - who wouldn’t? But I really would have loved to get some evidence of him acting a little more tender and friendly - before he learned of his true parentage and during the ‘ideal’ weeks that he and Marissa spent together. I like an alpha male - I just want the kisses and cuddles, too.

There’s definitely a level of distrust between the pair although you can completely understand the root causes. I wasn’t best pleased with Khalid later in the story when yet another trust issues rears its ugly head. I’m not saying it wasn’t realistic, I just felt inclined to shout at him to stop being such a stupid bugger.

The story races along and even with the false ending (where I found myself chastising Marissa for forgiving Khalid too quickly only to realise she hadn’t because it wasn’t the end at all!) I finished this book in super quick time.

I’m hoping that Ms Laval brings out books for all of Marissa’s brothers. Or just any books. Just write more books, please. This one is a light and fun sheikh fantasy that’s perfect for a lazy weekend or to read on holiday when you can imagine being captured by your own mysterious sheikh. 4 stars.


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* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. *

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