In Her Best Friend’s Bed by J. Margot Critch 
Title: In Her Best Friend's Bed
Author: J. Margot Critch
Series: Friends with Benefits
Pages: 224
Genre(s): Mills & Boon Blaze, Harlequin Blaze
Hot Buttons: /

She wants him so much!

Abby Shaw has had enough. She’s done with relationships (why are guys always so needy??) and wants to focus on getting her career off the ground. The fact that Trevor Jones—her new best bud and her boss—is seriously hot shouldn’t complicate things at all. But, that deliciously hard, tattooed body? A kiss that suggests hours—and nights—of wicked pleasure? Yep, Trevor is trouble…

Abby and Trevor can’t resist turning “just friends” into “friends with sexy benefits.” Which means lots of hot sex, no messy emotions. It's the perfect arrangement—at first. But their searing sexual chemistry verges on becoming dangerously intimate…and Abby will do just about anything to keep herself from falling in love with Trevor Jones.

I primarily bought this book because it was the follow on story from In the Boss’s Bed by the same author. While I wasn’t particularly keen on that story, I still wanted to give this one a chance and see the love story of Abby and Trevor - who first appeared in the first book. Sadly, I wasn’t hugely overwhelmed with this story, either.

The story started off strongly as Abby and Trevor are introduced to us (you don’t need to have read the In the Boss’s Bed first) and you get the anticipation of the start of their relationship. This is when they come to their deal of friends with benefits. The first time they get together is very hot and sexy and everything looked good for a fun story…

…but it suddenly seemed to get a bit stale. The story seemed to be the pair having sex, wondering what they were going to do since they weren’t in a place in their lives to have a relationship, a wee bit about their fledgling careers and another bit of sex thrown in for good measure. I love a sexy story and I love a Blaze romance but when the story seems to be predominantly sex and you find yourself skimming through those parts, there’s something amiss.

The writing was fine and the story did hold my interest - for a while at least - I just couldn’t really feel anything for the romance story and didn’t really believe in it or the love between Abby and Trevor, I’m afraid.

So, not a story for me but not really offensive in any way. I wouldn’t recommend you rush out and buy it but if it’s already in your ‘to be read’ pile then it whiles away a couple of hours. 2 stars.


Sheikh with Benefits by Teresa Morgan

Title: Sheikh with Benefits
Author: Teresa Morgan
Pages: 67
Genre(s): Contemporary
Hot Buttons: /

What's a little seduction between friends?

Arya Mokri, the ultimate wallflower, has to stop dreaming of His Royal Highness, Sheikh Javad Shirin, or she's going to lose her mind. She's been crushing on him for months and it's time to move on. If he won't have her, she'll find someone who will...

A consummate diplomat, Sheikh Javad would never dream of sleeping with the woman whose friendship he values so much. But when she arrives at an event in a dress showing too much skin and even more poor judgment, he finds himself wondering what it would look like on his bedroom floor. Worse, his suddenly sexy friend plans an affair with his own brother.

Tonight, he vows, her plans will change. Whether she wants them to or not.

I’ve been enjoying the modern romantic stories of sheikhs recently and this is a quickie tale (67 pages) of Arya and Sheikh Javad - friends who realise what they desire has been in front of them all this time.

Arya grew up in the west and has always felt overshadowed by her more glamorous sisters. Now back in her homeland, she befriends Sheikh Javad and falls in love with him. When he doesn’t seem to notice her as more than a friend, she decides it’s time to put her dreams of him aside and move on with her life.

What she doesn't know is that Javad is getting very confused about his own feelings for Arya and it takes just one dress, one request and one night for him to realise what he's wanted all along.

I loved this story. Arya just resonated with me and I loved her need to move on but her confusion over what to do with both Javad and her life. Javad was your typical alpha male who couldn’t quite understand why his plans weren’t working out quite as he had thought.

I had quite a few butterflies in the stomach moments while reading this book as well as a couple of laugh out loud moments (Javad talking to the old woman at the ball - snort!). There were a few missing words smattered throughout the book. Not enough for me to deduct a star but it was a little annoying.

Other than that this was a fun, romantic and short book that you can read in an hour or so. Perfect if you’re looking for a quickie with a sheikh to warm up your day. Or night. 5 stars.


Her Holiday Fling by Jennifer Snow
Title: Her Holiday Fling
Author: Jennifer Snow
Series: Wild Wedding Nights
Pages: 145
Genre(s): Mills & Boon Blaze, Harlequin Blaze
Hot Buttons: /

What happens in Hawaii…

Divorce lawyer Hayley Hanna has one week to convince her bosses she’s not a “ruthless, man-hating shark.” And it’s not going to be easy. In a moment of insanity, Hayley agrees to bring her fiancé to the corporate retreat in Maui. But there’s one problem: she hasn’t got a fiancé.

Enter Chase Hartley—six feet of sexy, sculpted police muscle. Chase needs a date for his sister’s island wedding—someone to stop the family matchmakers. The chemistry between them is just a bonus—one that quickly turns hot nights into sizzling sexcapades. All they have to do is resist falling for their own lie. But just because their relationship is fake doesn't mean that falling for each other won’t have real consequences!

It’s been done quite a lot but I’ve always been a fan of the fake fiancee storyline. This is a little bit different as Hayley and Chase meet on the way to Hawaii and mutually help each other out in situations that are completely believable. Hayley wants to shed her ‘man-hater’ image at the work retreat with her bosses while Chase wants someone to keep the single bridesmaids at bay during his sister’s destination wedding.

During the first chapter I honestly wasn’t sure whether I would like Hayley; she seemed a touch too uppity and snobby. But very quickly we got to know the real Hayley, what made her tick and who she really was. She was pretty much against marriage and maybe even commitment but she had her reasons for being so and she wasn’t ridiculously stuck in her beliefs.

Chase’s reasons for his fear of commitment seem a little bit deeper as his are all rolled up in losing his partner (as in cop partner) while also having his girlfriend (of the time) leaving him. His character as a whole is great - hot body, heart of gold, sexy as hell and a protective streak a mile wide - what more could you want? It might be mean of me but I loved the way he became tortured over his feelings for Hayley while trying to cling to his reasons for not entering into a relationship.

The pair had such amazing chemistry and the sex scenes lit the pages on fire. There were just enough to keep the book interesting without it being overkill. Delicious!

I also really liked the storyline of Chase’s sister Kate and can’t wait to read her story in Jennifer’s next book, Tempting Kate.

There are plenty of great things about this book. The pace is fast and interesting, the writing sparkles and the characters really come to life on the pages. What I especially liked is that the ending didn’t compromise who either Hayley or Chase were while still being really satisfying. And the ending was cute as a button!

Overall a great story with great characters. Recommended.


Windswept by Sabrina Jeffries / Deborah Martin
Title: Windswept
Author: Sabrina Jeffries writing as Deborah Martin
Series: Wales Series
Pages: 344 
Genre(s): Historical, Regency
Hot Buttons: /

Welsh widow Catrin Price is haunted by a family death curse. Any man whom she marries without first drinking from an ancient Druid chalice sold by her ancestor long ago is unquestionably doomed. But when she hunts it down to purchase it, the chalice’s former owner ends up dead. Who will believe her innocent with the man’s treasure in her hands? Now she lives in fear of discovery, afraid to trust, afraid to give away her heart…

Evan Newcome, a scholar struggling to overcome a difficult past, travels to Wales to find the mysterious woman last seen with his murdered friend. So when the lady proves to be a beautiful yet shy creature who shares his love of Welsh mythology, he’s torn between believing her guilty and trusting the passion blazing between them. But as unscrupulous men seek the chalice for their own devious purposes, will Catrin and Evan let their wall of mistrust stand between them? Or will they defeat their enemies together and embrace the love intended for them since time immemorial?

This is another of Sabrina Jeffries’ reissues from her days writing as Deborah Martin. These books aren’t as light and humorous as her later works but still retain her unique writing style and delightful love and passion.
This is the second book in the Wales series, after Stormswept, but each book does stand alone. Evan featured in the first book as a young boy, and the couple from Stormswept - Rhys and Juliana - feature in Windswept albeit slightly older.

I’m already a huge fan of Sabrina Jeffries so immediately the writing style appealed to me. It’s descriptive without being flowery and pulls you into the story from the first page.

I also adored Catrin from the very first page. I could hugely relate to her and I loved the way that she was portrayed as very strong but also shy and a little bit geeky. It also made me laugh that she often cried throughout the story (but not in an annoying, weak way) as I am also a complete watering pot on occasion. Okay, all the time!

Now, don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to say next but I didn’t really like Evan quite as much as I did Catrin. I did like him, but there were times that he annoyed the socks off me. I don’t mind that he had a temper and I understood why he jumped to conclusions at times. I just really didn’t like the ultimatums he kept giving Catrin - for good things as well as bad. She can do this or she can do that. Um - how about she can do whatever she wants?! It just irked me some, if I’m honest.

I honestly did like him and I liked the pair together. It was nice the way that each thought they were unworthy of the other for the same reasons - it was cute and I was happy when they got their happily ever after. And that first scene at the lake - oooft!

The mystery element was also a nice touch. There was a small cast of characters to play with but I honestly wasn’t sure who was the ‘big bad’ until it was revealed at the end. It’s not a whodunit as such but it was a nice gentle mystery that only added to the love story as a whole.

I did really enjoy this book and would recommend it to fans of historical romances, Sabrina Jeffries or those who just want to read a love story with a little something extra.


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