The Invitation by Jude Deveraux
In 1934, Jackie O'Neill returns to her hometown of Chandler, Colo., an accomplished pilot and a lonely widow. Developing her air transport business can keep her happy as a pilot, and her new partner, William Montgomery, promises to make very cozy company--until Jackie realizes he is the same little Billy she babysat for many years ago. 

In the second story, Kane Taggert, who reluctantly agrees to guide four New York City women on a Colorado trail ride, may be enchanted by Ruth Edwards, a calculatingly charming widow, if only he can make it through the two-week trip without throttling Ruth's friend, bestselling author Cale Anderson. Experiments in shifting perspective and an outrageous soliloquy by Cale give the traditional plot some pizzazz. 

The last story, a historical piece, finds Dorie Latham enlisting Cole Hunter, "an aging gunslinger with no visible means of support and the beginnings of a paunch," to play husband and help her elude her sister's matchmaking scheme.


I couldn't decide whether to give this book three stars or four. The reason for my hesitation was that of the three stories I found two to be very good but the third was just awful.

The story of Cale was indeed fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it and wished that it could have been longer. The characters were wonderfully depicted, especially Cale, as she was a down to earth, normal girl. A true heroine.

The story of the aging gunslinger was also very good and it was nice to see another heroine who wasn't perfect but still endearing and courageous. It was a good story to pass away a wet afternoon.

The problem I found with this book was the story of Jackie and William. I'm not a fan of 'older woman - younger man' at the best of times but I usually get over it as I'm drawn into the story. With this story I couldn't get past it as it seemed to me that the story focused more on the age difference than the actual love story. Even then, I found the story to be flimsy and disappointing.

However, I still gave this book 4 stars as it is redeemed by Cale's story which is truly a great read. I would also still recommend this book if you are a fan of Jude's work as it can be witnessed from other reviews that many liked Jackie's story so it may just be me who did not!!


384 pages


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