Sheikh with Benefits by Teresa Morgan

Title: Sheikh with Benefits
Author: Teresa Morgan
Pages: 67
Genre(s): Contemporary
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What's a little seduction between friends?

Arya Mokri, the ultimate wallflower, has to stop dreaming of His Royal Highness, Sheikh Javad Shirin, or she's going to lose her mind. She's been crushing on him for months and it's time to move on. If he won't have her, she'll find someone who will...

A consummate diplomat, Sheikh Javad would never dream of sleeping with the woman whose friendship he values so much. But when she arrives at an event in a dress showing too much skin and even more poor judgment, he finds himself wondering what it would look like on his bedroom floor. Worse, his suddenly sexy friend plans an affair with his own brother.

Tonight, he vows, her plans will change. Whether she wants them to or not.

I’ve been enjoying the modern romantic stories of sheikhs recently and this is a quickie tale (67 pages) of Arya and Sheikh Javad - friends who realise what they desire has been in front of them all this time.

Arya grew up in the west and has always felt overshadowed by her more glamorous sisters. Now back in her homeland, she befriends Sheikh Javad and falls in love with him. When he doesn’t seem to notice her as more than a friend, she decides it’s time to put her dreams of him aside and move on with her life.

What she doesn't know is that Javad is getting very confused about his own feelings for Arya and it takes just one dress, one request and one night for him to realise what he's wanted all along.

I loved this story. Arya just resonated with me and I loved her need to move on but her confusion over what to do with both Javad and her life. Javad was your typical alpha male who couldn’t quite understand why his plans weren’t working out quite as he had thought.

I had quite a few butterflies in the stomach moments while reading this book as well as a couple of laugh out loud moments (Javad talking to the old woman at the ball - snort!). There were a few missing words smattered throughout the book. Not enough for me to deduct a star but it was a little annoying.

Other than that this was a fun, romantic and short book that you can read in an hour or so. Perfect if you’re looking for a quickie with a sheikh to warm up your day. Or night. 5 stars.



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