Flawed by Becky Bird


When Mia Baker begins at an elite school on a scholarship, she’s instantly besotted with the hot but arrogant Finn Davis. But when she overhears him commenting on her attractiveness compared to her beautiful sister Jade, Mia takes an instant dislike to him.

When Finn’s best friend Charlie takes an interest in Jade and invites both sisters to his family’s lake house for the weekend, Mia and Finn are forced into close proximity. Despite their differences, their attraction to each other continues to grow.

But Finn’s not about to admit he might actually like Mia. She’s on a scholarship, and she’s failing English. Then there’s Grayson Wang, his mortal enemy, who Mia can’t seem to get enough of.

When Charlie starts dating Mia’s sister, Finn begins to doubt just how genuine Jade’s feelings are for him, so he warns his friend to cut Jade loose. When Mia finds out Finn is to blame for her sister’s heartbreak, it only continues to fuel her harsh judgments of him.

But, if there is to be a happily ever after, Mia must overcome her pride, and Finn, Mia’s socioeconomic status.


Title: Flawed
Author: Becky Bird
Series: /
Pages: 224
Genre(s): Contemporary, YA, Retelling
Hot Buttons: /


Young Adult novels aren’t normally my thing. In fact, I don’t actually think I’ve ever read one before. Well, since I was a young adult myself, anyway. But being a fan of Jane Austen - and of film remakes of classic books in a modern/teen setting, I thought this sounded like a fun diversion.

What I got was so much more.

Almost from the first page I was sucked into the story although I didn’t necessarily think it was in a good way at first! Our heroine Mia has been given a copy of Pride and Prejudice to read as part of a school assignment. And she doesn’t want to read it because “mind-numbing” “so called literature belongs in yesteryear”. *Clutches pearls in shock* Was I going to like this girl? Kudos to the author of making me feel for a character within the first 2 pages, and then turn those feelings right up on their head in the next.

Mia was opinionated and happy to tell people her thoughts - whether they wanted to hear them or not. She was determined to believe her first impressions of people and didn’t believe in second chances. Everything was black and white for her yet she still was able to grow, learn and apologise if she was found to be in the wrong. Simply - she was the perfect, modern day Elizabeth and I ended up loving her.

I already liked Finn before he even appeared on the page since he has one of my top 5 hot hero names. The reasons behind his grumpy, arrogant demeanour is explained well in this book - but Finn is still the perfect aloof, standoffish man who is brought to his knees when he falls for Mia.

The author cleverly parallels the social situations found in Pride and Prejudice, transposing the situations to modern settings. So it’s not a straight rewrite but has all the key elements of how Elizabeth and Darcy (and therefore Mia and Finn) felt at key points in the novel. I loved this element of the book and found myself feeling quite pleased with myself when I saw a direct parallel between scenes/situations.

I loved Finn and Mia’s antagonistic relationship and I actually got butterflies in my stomach as the pair began to realise that the other might not be what they first thought - and then notice their feelings for each other change and grow. And while the focus was clearly on our main couple, we’ve also got other characters who come alive and bring interest to our tale. People like Charlie (Bingley), Jade (Jane), Camila (Caroline), Lottie (Charlotte) and Lila (Lydia). And extra points for Grayson Wang (Wickham). Wang! *giggles* I’m obviously less mature than the majority of young adults! As it’s not a straight retelling, some characters don’t appear, new ones pop up, and some details and relationships aren’t as they are in the original text. I’m not saying this as a criticism, just to explain the premise to potential readers to help them decide whether they’ll like the book.

I personally can’t see why you wouldn’t love this book. It’s a refreshing, interesting and sweet retelling of Pride and Prejudice with characters you’ll love - and in some instances love to hate. The writing is clever and gets you hooked into the story from the first. It’s not long before you forget you’re reading as you fall into the story and start to root for Mia and Finn to get over themselves and fall in love!

As this is a young adult (YA) novel, and the main characters are around 16-17, we only ever get up to kissing - and not too descriptive kissing at that. That means this book is equally perfect for all ages. And don’t worry if, like me, you normally love a bit of raunch in your stories. I still felt the happiness and emotion - and hell, it’s got more kissing in it than the original P&P, which I also love!

Overall, this book really surprised me. I woke up the morning after finishing it, excited to read more. Talk about a book hangover when I realised I’d already finished it. It’s stayed with me and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I finished the last page. I’ve even gone back and re-read the end. All in all, a huge 5 stars from me and I look forward to reading more from Ms Bird. Delightful.


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* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. *

BLOG TOUR: Break the Rules by Roxie Noir

She’s my best friend’s kid sister.

Only she’s not a kid any more.

As a forest ranger, I believe in the simple life. I prefer cabins to apartments, trails to freeways, and trees to people. My life is orderly, predictable, and quiet.

Until it’s hit by a woman I never saw coming -- Hurricane June.

She’s fierce. She’s feisty. She has a laugh like the first day of spring, and she’s so pretty that I can’t breathe when I look at her. June will only be in town for a few months—just while job-hunting. She won’t last until winter, but how can I resist?

Except I have to. She’s my best, oldest, and most loyal friend’s baby sister.

Betraying him would be the worst thing I’ve ever done. Not betraying him might be the hardest.

Especially once we start working together on a secret project. All this spending time together, sneaking around at night, and lying to her brother about what we’re doing sure feels like more than friendship.

June might break my heart. Her brother might break my nose.

But I guess some things were made to be broken.


Title: Break the Rules
Author: Roxie Noir
Series: Loveless Brothers (Book 3)
Pages: 402
Genre(s): Contemporary, US, Best Friend's Sister, Brother's Best Friend
Hot Buttons: n/a


This is the third book in the Loveless Brothers series (after Enemies with Benefits and Best Fake Fiance) and oh my stars, they just keep getting better and better. If you’ve been reading the series in order, you’ll be as excited as I was to read more about quiet and serious Levi meeting his match. If you’re new to the series you can read and enjoy this book as a standalone - but trust me, you’re going to want to put aside a few hours as you go back and binge on the first two books once you’ve finished with this one.

This is the story about eldest brother, Levi and the girl he’s had a crush on for a long time, June. The main problem being that June happens to be Levi’s best friend, Silas’s, little sister. And Levi and Silas aren’t just best friends - they have a bond that is so deep and so special; I admit to getting a wee bit teary at times when they interacted with each other. So there’s that barrier there that neither really wants to cross. Buuuuut, of course they cross it. Big time! Yay for us readers!

Levi and June were everything in this book. They fit together in a way that I believed with my whole heart. They way they were different from each other - Levi’s a quiet, serious, loner type while June is exuberant and throws herself full force into everything she does - they brought something special out in each other. Watching them open up and show every part of themselves to each other - being honest and vulnerable - it got me right in the feels. More tears. Happy tears, obviously.

And with that connection comes some deliciously lovely sex. And with characters that have such chemistry it’s always going to be good. Very, very good.

If that wasn’t enough for you, this book is also filled with what I’ve come to expect from Ms Noir - her famous brand of humour. She startles a laugh out of me at the most unexpected moments in the book. Then there’s also whole passages/pages - usually when the Loveless brothers are teasing and ribbing each other - when we’re treated to almost non-stop hilarious banter.

I’ve read other connected books where you feel hit over the head with the author’s desperate need to get her previous (and future) characters included in the current story. Not so with this tale. Don’t get me wrong - the people we’ve met from the first couple of books in the series are there - but they don’t overshadow and don’t ever hog the limelight. And we get to know more of characters that I very much hope will be getting their own books - but again it’s done with subtlety as this book is about June and Levi.

With that said, I loved Silas in the first book when he stole a golf-cart and magicked up some night-vision goggles. He’s no less goofy in this book - but he also gets more depth and I love him even more. He’s not a Loveless, but I hope he finds the girl who’ll mess him up before settling him down.

I’m relatively late in finding Roxie Noir and I keep kicking myself that I didn’t find her earlier. Her books are such a delight - giving you a dazzling mix of pulse thundering feels, laugh out loud moments, dirty sex and forever love. She also writes that tight bond of friends and family better than almost anyone. I want to live in Sprucevale; I want this group as my friends and family.

Back to this particular book…I loved it. I loved everything about it. It’s definitely a contender for one of my best reads of 2019 and it cements Roxie Noir as a new favourite author. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could!





I love writing sexy, alpha men and the headstrong women they fall for.

My weaknesses include: beards, whiskey, nice abs with treasure trails, sarcasm, cats, prowess in the kitchen, prowess in the bedroom, forearm tattoos, and gummi bears.

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BLOG TOUR: I'll Be Home for Christmas by Abbey Clancy


Popstar Jessika Malone can’t believe her luck! Not only has she signed a major record deal and is topping the charts with her latest single, she’s just been offered the chance of a lifetime: a tour with gorgeous megastar Cooper Black…

It’s everything she’s ever dreamed of – except that it means travelling thousands of miles from her boyfriend, Daniel, just when he’s finally got down on one knee and popped the question!

Far from home and followed by the paparazzi, her relationship is tested more than Jessika ever imagined – will she make it home for Christmas before it’s too late?

Title: I'll Be Home for Christmas
Author: Abbey Clancy
Series: Standalone
Pages: 384
Genre(s): Contemporary, UK, Chick-Lit, Christmas, Mills & Boon
Hot Buttons: Cheating


**Review kind of contains spoilers**

This is the first book I’ve read of Abbey Clancy’s - and actually didn’t know she’d turned her hand to writing until picking up this book. It’s written with the help of Debbie Johnson.

I can definitely see some people having preconceived notions about this book based on the author. I remember first seeing Ms. Clancy back during her ‘Britain’s Top Model’ days and liked her then. While I wouldn’t class myself a fan, she definitely seems like a likeable and fun person in every capacity I’ve seen her. Throughout the book I felt that the writing seemed very similar to how I would describe Abbey’s personality - namely bubbly and friendly. I also saw a lot of presumed parallels between Abbey’s own journey and experiences to those of Jessika. It made the whole thing more believable and therefore enjoyable.

I would class this book as 100% chick-lit (despite my abhorrence of that term!) rather than romance. While it’s got that underlying romantic storyline (and HEA, you’ll be glad to know), this is more about Jessika’s journey as a new pop star and reconciling the ‘real’ her with the ‘celeb’ her.

**Spoilery bit**
There’s more of a ‘real-life’ feel to the story than you would find with a romance - which is why I wasn’t as angry about the cheating as I might normally be. But don’t get me wrong - I was still very upset about the whole darn incident! But I can reluctantly agree it was realistic and necessary for the whole story arc. I'm still grumpy, though.
**Spoilers end**

While I don’t class myself as the same kind of person as Jessika/Abbey (glam, image-conscious and confidently outgoing) I did like her immensely. I was rooting for her to work everything out - especially her relationship with Daniel. From reading other reviews (after I’d finished the book), I found out that this is actually the second book featuring Jessika and Daniel - and a host of other characters (the first being Remember My Name). While this book certainly stands alone - as I didn’t feel that I was starting a story in the middle - it probably does explain why I felt that the first couple of chapters of the book were quite energetic as we get quite a lot of information about Jessika and her circumstances all at one time.

The story flows along nicely and while there’s not a massively Christmas vibe - I did love the descriptions of their English country home, which definitely had a homey, warm feel to it. It’s the dream, man.

Chick-lit is not normally my bag, but as a side-step, this was an enjoyable diversion. It’s fast paced, has personality in spades and left me thinking about the story for days after I’d finished the last page. I have to admit - I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. 4 stars from me.




https://amzn.to/2wq22jD          https://amzn.to/2wq22jD          https://www.amazon.com.au/Ill-Home-Christmas-Abbey-Clancy/dp/1848456816          https://www.amazon.ca/Ill-Home-Christmas-Abbey-Clancy/dp/1848456816
https://apple.co/2VZW8QH          https://apple.co/2VZW8QH                    https://books.apple.com/ca/book/ill-be-home-for-christmas/id1375369615




A Very Dare Christmas by Carly Phillips

Ian Dare misses the alone time and intense sex life he and his wife shared before their children were born. What’s an alpha man to do? He kidnaps Riley for an erotic weekend away before the Christmas rush overwhelms them both.

Riley Dare adores her husband and his dominant and protective ways, and she’s excited to spend time with him minus distractions on a sexy retreat where anything goes … and spontaneity leads to future surprises.

A complete stand-alone for people who haven’t yet read Dare to Love but a special treat for those who want to revisit their favourite couple.


Title: A Very Dare Christmas
Author: Carly Phillips
Series: Dare To Love (Book 6.5)
Pages: 40
Genre(s): Contemporary, US, Short, Christmas
Hot Buttons: /


This short story from Carly Phillips is here just in time for Christmas, and gives fans a quick and dirty glimpse of the Dares, and especially Ian and Riley, who originally appeared in Ms Phillips’ Dare to Love (the first of the original Dare stories). I’ve not read that book (yet) but I completely understood and enjoyed this story - so I’m happy to say it stands alone.

Ian Dare is an alpha man who knows what he wants and is determined to get it. He sees his wife under pressure, and is hell bent on fixing her problems - especially if that means the pair can spend more time together as a couple. Who doesn’t want a man who puts you first and is determined to make all your problems disappear? And I just loved that Riley is strong and capable enough to let Ian take care of her, knowing that she’s really the one with the power.

Just reading about this short period in Riley and Ian’s lives makes me doubly determined to read Dare to Love and all the other Dare books I’ve not yet got around to reading.

This book is short, dirty and full of Carly Phillips’ usual superb writing and engaging dialogue. If you’re a fan, then this book is a must for you. If you’re new to Ms Phillips - this will give you a good taster and leave you hungry for more. 5 stars for this fun story.

**This story was first made available in Ms Phillips’ newsletter, so subscribers may have read this story before.**









Carly Phillips gives her readers Alphalicious heroes to swoon for and romance to set your heart on fire, and she loves everything about writing romance. She married her college sweetheart and lives in Purchase, NY along with her three crazy dogs: two wheaten terriers and a mutant Havanese, who are featured on her Facebook and Instagram. She has raised two incredible daughters who put up with having a mom as a romance author. Carly is the author of over fifty romances, and is a NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller. She loves social media and interacting with her readers.

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