In Her Best Friend’s Bed by J. Margot Critch 
Title: In Her Best Friend's Bed
Author: J. Margot Critch
Series: Friends with Benefits
Pages: 224
Genre(s): Mills & Boon Blaze, Harlequin Blaze
Hot Buttons: /

She wants him so much!

Abby Shaw has had enough. She’s done with relationships (why are guys always so needy??) and wants to focus on getting her career off the ground. The fact that Trevor Jones—her new best bud and her boss—is seriously hot shouldn’t complicate things at all. But, that deliciously hard, tattooed body? A kiss that suggests hours—and nights—of wicked pleasure? Yep, Trevor is trouble…

Abby and Trevor can’t resist turning “just friends” into “friends with sexy benefits.” Which means lots of hot sex, no messy emotions. It's the perfect arrangement—at first. But their searing sexual chemistry verges on becoming dangerously intimate…and Abby will do just about anything to keep herself from falling in love with Trevor Jones.

I primarily bought this book because it was the follow on story from In the Boss’s Bed by the same author. While I wasn’t particularly keen on that story, I still wanted to give this one a chance and see the love story of Abby and Trevor - who first appeared in the first book. Sadly, I wasn’t hugely overwhelmed with this story, either.

The story started off strongly as Abby and Trevor are introduced to us (you don’t need to have read the In the Boss’s Bed first) and you get the anticipation of the start of their relationship. This is when they come to their deal of friends with benefits. The first time they get together is very hot and sexy and everything looked good for a fun story…

…but it suddenly seemed to get a bit stale. The story seemed to be the pair having sex, wondering what they were going to do since they weren’t in a place in their lives to have a relationship, a wee bit about their fledgling careers and another bit of sex thrown in for good measure. I love a sexy story and I love a Blaze romance but when the story seems to be predominantly sex and you find yourself skimming through those parts, there’s something amiss.

The writing was fine and the story did hold my interest - for a while at least - I just couldn’t really feel anything for the romance story and didn’t really believe in it or the love between Abby and Trevor, I’m afraid.

So, not a story for me but not really offensive in any way. I wouldn’t recommend you rush out and buy it but if it’s already in your ‘to be read’ pile then it whiles away a couple of hours. 2 stars.



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