Her Holiday Fling by Jennifer Snow

Title: Her Holiday Fling
Author: Jennifer Snow
Series: Wild Wedding Nights
Pages: 145
Genre(s): Mills & Boon Blaze, Harlequin Blaze
Hot Buttons: /

What happens in Hawaii…

Divorce lawyer Hayley Hanna has one week to convince her bosses she’s not a “ruthless, man-hating shark.” And it’s not going to be easy. In a moment of insanity, Hayley agrees to bring her fiancĂ© to the corporate retreat in Maui. But there’s one problem: she hasn’t got a fiancĂ©.

Enter Chase Hartley—six feet of sexy, sculpted police muscle. Chase needs a date for his sister’s island wedding—someone to stop the family matchmakers. The chemistry between them is just a bonus—one that quickly turns hot nights into sizzling sexcapades. All they have to do is resist falling for their own lie. But just because their relationship is fake doesn't mean that falling for each other won’t have real consequences!


It’s been done quite a lot but I’ve always been a fan of the fake fiancee storyline. This is a little bit different as Hayley and Chase meet on the way to Hawaii and mutually help each other out in situations that are completely believable. Hayley wants to shed her ‘man-hater’ image at the work retreat with her bosses while Chase wants someone to keep the single bridesmaids at bay during his sister’s destination wedding.

During the first chapter I honestly wasn’t sure whether I would like Hayley; she seemed a touch too uppity and snobby. But very quickly we got to know the real Hayley, what made her tick and who she really was. She was pretty much against marriage and maybe even commitment but she had her reasons for being so and she wasn’t ridiculously stuck in her beliefs.

Chase’s reasons for his fear of commitment seem a little bit deeper as his are all rolled up in losing his partner (as in cop partner) while also having his girlfriend (of the time) leaving him. His character as a whole is great - hot body, heart of gold, sexy as hell and a protective streak a mile wide - what more could you want? It might be mean of me but I loved the way he became tortured over his feelings for Hayley while trying to cling to his reasons for not entering into a relationship.

The pair had such amazing chemistry and the sex scenes lit the pages on fire. There were just enough to keep the book interesting without it being overkill. Delicious!

I also really liked the storyline of Chase’s sister Kate and can’t wait to read her story in Jennifer’s next book, Tempting Kate.

There are plenty of great things about this book. The pace is fast and interesting, the writing sparkles and the characters really come to life on the pages. What I especially liked is that the ending didn’t compromise who either Hayley or Chase were while still being really satisfying. And the ending was cute as a button!

Overall a great story with great characters. Recommended.



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