The Personal Touch by Lori Borrill
When matchmaker Margot Roth is hired to find a date for the mother of a playboy millionaire, an erotic fling is the last thing on her mind.

Well, maybe not the last thing. Clint Hilton is the sexiest man she's ever met, and she has to admit naughty things go through her mind when he looks at her with his sultry eyes. But now that Clint is there to turn her fantasies into reality, Margot isn't sure if giving in to temptation is the best idea-even if he's determined to share his bed with her. . . or something more.


Although it's a tried and tested plot, I still quite like a story where a couple pretend to be together only to find out neither are actually pretending. While this book didn't follow any formula, I feel that perhaps in order to avoid any clichés, no storyline was truly developed - it was all a bit bitty!

Clint was a likeable enough character as a ladies' man although I didn't really believe he was as suave or hot as he was supposed to be. On the other hand Margot wasn't likeable at all. She was whiney, annoying and deluded - especially when it came to dating in which she was supposed to be an expert. While there was enough heat in the novel, it was all a little bland as the pair didn't have much chemistry.

Overall, this isn't the worst book that I've read and if you have it on your shelf then it's still worth a go. However, it was a little bland and certainly not what I was looking for when I picked up a Blaze romance. 2 stars.



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