Second Time Lucky by Debbi Rawlins
Mia Butterfield has just walked away from the lawyer life. No more late nights, no more dull contracts. And no more superhot-in-his-legal-briefs boss, David Pearson. But before she starts her new business with her friends, they decide to revisit Hawaii for a "Spring Break"…and all the sensual indulgences that come with it.

Only Mia never dreams just how hot it'll get under the Hawaiian sun…

David has followed her to the islands, and their serious lawyer sides appear to have gotten lost…along with most of their clothes! But even with a hot, delicious David at her side, Mia can't help wondering–how long will her lucky streak last?


I liked the premise of this story and it was executed fairly well. However...the story wasn't thrilling and really lacked any real sparkle or magic.

I liked both David and Mia but their relationship was a little bit strange. It felt as though the author couldn't quite decide what the power dynamic between the couple was supposed to be. This made David especially seem at times quite weak and at other times a real alpha male - it was quite odd. There was the usual heat for a Blaze romance but nothing that gave me goosebumps.

And the twist - you could have seen it coming a mile away but when it actually arrived it was a little pointless and unbelievable.

Overall this was a good enough book to read on a rainy afternoon. It wasn't overly exciting and it, if I'm honest, was a little forgettable but not wholly bad. I suspect that Mia's two friends Shelby and Lindsay will have their own stories soon making this the first in a trilogy of stories.



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