With This Fling... by Kelly Hunter

He’s the man of her dreams – she invented him, after all – she just hasn’t met him yet.

What would you do if the fiancé you’d invented to stop the kindly but persistent questions from colleagues and family turned out to be a real man – pretty much as you described him? And what if that man turned out to need a made-up fiancée just as much as you?

Could you carry off the deception even after the hottest kiss of your life – and the scorching hot night that follows?


This is one of the first books of a new Mills and Boon series (gone as quickly as it arrived, it seems!) and the first of the line that I've read. These books are billed as sparky and sassy and perfect for every kind of passionaista. I'm not sure if they all are but this book was set in Sydney.

I admit that it took me a couple of chapters to get into this story. The writing style was quite fast paced, choppy, light and took a little getting used to. Once the story got started I really got into it and found that by the end I was very much enjoying it.

Both Charlotte and Grey were likeable characters if perhaps not very relatable. They had good chemistry although neither their interactions nor the story as a whole had particular depth.

I would say that this kind of book appears to be a mix between the Modern and Blaze lines. It's a little bit more sexy than Modern but not as much as Blaze and has Blaze's typical feisty, sassy heroine.

Overall I enjoyed this book quite a lot. It was light and not without its faults but I'll probably be on the look out for other books in the Riva line in the future. 3 stars.



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