When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer

Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he's named by the Prince regent as one of society's 'Impossible bachelors', Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: the bachelor whose mistress wins the title of 'Most Delectable Companion' gets to remain unmarried. 

Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status...until his latest lightskirt abandons him. Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry's childhood friend actually, 'foe' is more like it - is the most unlikely companion of all. She's attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent harry possible know about what makes a woman delectable? It's time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all...but will lead to happily ever after?


I picked this book in spite of its gimmicky title and I should have paid more attention to that because that cutesy, silliness is a key feature of this book. It's very light and has a very unbelievable plot. That's not a problem if you're happy to suspend belief but if you're looking for historical accuracy then you'll be disappointed by this book.

The characters went from displaying some depth of emotion to being ridiculously flighty within the space of a sentence which frustrated me no end. I'm all for both seriousness and fun in a novel but it bounced around too much for my liking. There was also the inconsistencies and fickleness of any emotions from the characters, especially Molly. In one breath she liked Harry, then she despised him, then she loved him, then she could never love a man like him etc etc. It grew tiring quite quickly and made me unmoved by her as a character and of her 'love' for Harry.

Harry was also a little bit all over the place. He was the second son of a duke but also a rake. Fair enough but surely his gentlemanly instincts wouldn't have let Molly get into many of the situations that presented themselves during the house party.

I finished the book and was interested in where the story would go but I was ultimately disappointed. It was readable and I enjoyed the writing but the story and characters weren't engaging and as a result I don't feel I can recommend the book. 2 stars.

This is the first book in the Impossible Bachelors series.


448 pages

Impossible Bachelors series:



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