Highland Fling by Katie Fforde

When 'Virtual Assistant' Jenny Porter's boyfriend accuses her of being impulsive, soft-hearted and unbusinesslike, dashing off to Scotland to sort out a failing mill for one of her clients may not be the best way of proving him wrong. And promising to help run a mobile burger bar before she's even found her feet doesn't help matters. When she finds herself determined to save the mill - whatever her client's wishes - it seems that Henry's accusations may have contained more than a grain of truth.

So when Jenny's awkward encounters with the abrasive but disconcertingly attractive Ross Grant develop into something more complicated - just as Henry arrives in Scotland to reclaim her - it's time for Jenny to make some decisions. Should she do the sensible thing and follow Henry back to London? Or is her Highland adventure more than just a fling...?


Highland Fling was the first of Katie Fforde's stories that I have read and so I have no comparison to make against her previous novels. However, I found this book to be well written and a fun read.

I thought the characters to be both likeable and realistic and felt that the interacted well with each other throughout the story. The hero was someone any girl would love to fall in love with - a mixture of both dedicated businessman and rugged, handsome mountainman. The heroine was feisty yet kind - a nice normal girl. The plot of saving the mill was also interesting and new, and luckily the author didn't weigh the book down with over-the-top detail about mills in general!

I did however have a few problems with the book. Firstly I did find that the 2 main characters didn't have enough interaction for me to truly believe that they had fallen in love with each other. Secondly, I was very disappointed that the story was wrapped up so quickly. It was as if the author had decided on a page limit and as it was fast approaching decided to conclude everything in one fell swoop. Everything was finished off so conveniently that it did feel that the characters became contrived in order to get to the end of the book.

Despite these points I did find the book a fun and light read which I would recommend it for reading on a holiday or just to pass a few hours. 3 stars.


384 pages


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