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You like it hot! Harlequin Blaze stories sizzle with strong heroines and irresistible heroes playing the game of modern love and lust. They're fun, sexy and always steamy.

Released in the UK as Mills & Boon Blaze.

You can't help it—you're attracted to power! Harlequin Desire stories feature heroes who have it all: wealth, status, incredible good looks…everything but the right woman. Add some secrets, maybe a scandal, and start turning pages!

Released in the UK as Mills & Boon Desire.

You dream of wicked rakes, gorgeous Highlanders, muscled Viking warriors and rugged Wild West cowboys from another time. Harlequin Historical has them all!

Released in the UK as Mills & Boon Historical.

You crave excitement! Harlequin Intrigue stories deal in serious romantic suspense, keeping you on the edge of your seat as resourceful, true-to-life women and strong, fearless men fight for survival.

Released in the UK as Mills & Boon Intrigue.

Modern  Presents 
You want alpha males, decadent glamour and jet-set lifestyles. Step into the sensational, sophisticated world of Harlequin Presents, where sinfully tempting heroes ignite a fierce and wickedly irresistible passion!

Released as Harlequin Presents in the US and Mills & Boon Modern in the UK.

You adore a feel-good love story! Harlequin Romance offers uplifting escapes featuring real, relatable women and strong, deeply desirable men.

Released in the UK as Mills & Boon Cherish.

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