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1 on 1 erotica is simply where the sex and/or main relationship is focussed between two people, and for the purposes of my reviews, a man and a woman.

Reviews marked with F/F denotes that the main relationship or the sex contained within the novel is foccused between two women. I suppose you could also call this lesbian erotica.

Anything with the menage tag means that there is sex within the book that is between more than 2 people at the same time. I will try to highlight whether the sex is between male/female/male, female/female/male or any other combinations.


I enjoy reading erotica but I find there are a few hot button issues - things I don't like to read - that aren't often disclosed on the cover or in the blurb. That makes me nervous about picking up a new erotica novel or author. For that reason, I will try to highlight in my reviews various topics or situations that might put people off trying a new novel. That way, you can hopefully choose an erotica novel to read and not worry that something will occur that is offensive/distasteful to you.

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