There's not really much you can say to define what is a contemporary novel. I class it as a novel that is set in the present day. However, when someone says to me that something happened 10 years ago - I think they're talking about the 1990s so that just shows you how helpful my description of the 'present day' actually is!!

If a book is a contemporary book but has lots of references to new technology such as walkmans, CD players and the like - I will be laughing about this and mentioning it in the review.

For all other contemporary romances, it's easier just to split them up by where they are set.

Please click on the pink buttons to search for all reviews under the following categories.

Romances that are set in the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That means England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Romances that are set predominantly in the United States of America.

* This will probably return a very large number of reviews.

Set on the glorious Emerald Isle.

Set in either Australia or New Zealand. (Apologies to the Kiwis - adding your country to my title just makes it super long!)

Any of the countries of Europe (except the UK and Ireland). For clarity, Russia is included in Europe.

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