One Perfect CEO / The Boardroom: Johnathan by A.J. Wynter

Two Powerful CEOs. One Risky Takeover. Will it be careers or hearts that are broken?

F&*k chemistry. The businessman in me wants to ruin her, and her piece of s&*t company; but the red-blooded man in me wants to take her right here on the boardroom table.

I’m Johnathan Torver, and if you live on planet earth, you know who I am: the young tech billionaire; the CEO; the heartbreaker - at least that’s what they say in all the magazines.

Being one of Seattle’s top CEOs was pretty uncomplicated…at least it was until we acquired a company headed by the cunning, conniving, manipulative, you know what, Samantha Doyle. If that woman thinks she can outmaneuver me, I’ll show her who’s the real boss.

Even though she’s sexy as hell, and the smartest woman I’ve ever met, there’s no way I’ll let myself fall for her. She’s not winning the power struggle over my business, or my heart.

Title: One Perfect CEO / The Boardroom: Johnathan
Author: A.J. Wynter
Series: The Billionaires of Torver Corporation
Pages: 62
Genre(s): Contemporary, US
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This is the first book I’ve ever read by A.J. Wynter and, confusingly, my book is called One Perfect CEO rather than The Boardroom: Johnathan. But it’s the same book so be sure not to buy it twice.

The first thing I noticed about the book is that the writing style is fast, dynamic and keeps you hooked. It has that vibrancy that really makes you want to keep those pages. Definitely something special.

We start off with playboy Johnathan. He’s a successful tech CEO about to takeover another firm. He’s your typical playboy to begin with - although I did have an issue with how on earth he became a successful businessman and CEO as he did not a jot of work. I can believe in superheroes, unicorns, ridiculous coincidences and the like for some reason this really frustrated me. Self-made man? I didn’t buy it. But he was very well-written and I was interested in him as a character.

Sam was a fiesty one and when she first met with Johnathan - the sparks flew as they argued. I do enjoy when the hero and heroine start off hating each other! But since the book is 100% written from the viewpoint of Johnathan (in first person), I felt I didn’t really get to know her or what she was feeling.

Back to the business thing - I didn’t understand why she was even being kept on by the Torver group since she’d bankrupt her own company - but that’s neither here nor there! Johnathan then took a break from work (what work?) and took Sam on a boat ride. And then he announced he was going to sleep with Sam’s assistant (spoiler: he doesn’t). And then Sam and Johnathan didn’t see each other for weeks. Any chemistry or spark that was originally there took a nosedive with all the breaks and roadblocks and confusing cruises.

It picked up again when it started to snow. Not sure why the pair were doing admin tasks for the investors (wow - I just can’t let the business thing go!) but they get stuck in the office in a power cut (with streetlights) and things start to heat up again. Yay for all the sex which added a nice sizzle to the story. And sex on the boardroom table? Yes, please.

The ending was cute as a button and it was nice to see Johnathan and Sam both concede something on the path to our happily ever after. If anything, I would have liked it to be longer so I could savour in their new found love. But thankfully there was an epilogue. I bloody love it when there’s an epilogue!

An added bonus was Kirk, Johnathan’s best friend - and the tiny tease for his story which comes next in The Boardroom: Kirk. The third book in the series is The Boardroom: Cassidy. And Cassidy is a boy, FYI.

This book didn’t hit all the right marks for me but it did introduce me to an author whose style I really enjoyed. And while the story itself only gets 3 stars for me, I still sped through it and am looking forward to reading more from A.J. Wynter.


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