Best Man and the Runaway Bride by Kandy Shepherd
Scandal at a society wedding!

Can he resist the runaway bride?

After helping Nikki Lucas flee her high-society wedding, privacy-loving best man Max Conway never expected to be accused of having an affair with the bride! As the media scandal dies down, he escapes to a remote island—and comes face-to-face with Nikki! Their connection is undeniable but she’s completely off-limits. Yet as the sun sets in paradise, both are struggling to resist…

Title: Best Man and the Runaway Bride
Author: Kandy Shepherd
Series: /
Pages: 192
Genre(s): Mills & Boon True Love, Contemporary, Australia
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This book is one of a fairly new series from Mills and Boon, called True Love. Books in this series promise sparkling romances that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love over and over again.

Well, I’m not sure I ran the whole gamut of those emotions but this book definitely delivered on the true love in a sweet and gentle way. It’s the first book that I’ve read from this series and I certainly wouldn’t be against picking up another again when I’m feeling in the mood to remember that true love really does exist - no matter the odds.

Nikki was a great character. She’s smart, sharp, knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. She does have a vulnerable side - particularly evident when deciding whether she wanted to sleep with Max - which makes you relate to her and root for her some more.

Similarly, Max is a hero that you can’t help but love and want for yourself (sorry Nikki). He’s a former tennis player with the body to match (swoon) and while he’s got a reputation as a bad boy, he’s actually a bit of a sweetheart.

The story moves on at a leisurely pace. The writing style flows well and makes you want to keep reading. One thing I did note was that the way the story is told, you really believe that Nikki and Max are falling in love. And it’s gosh-darned adorable.

I would have liked Nikki to be a wee bitty more assertive with her feelings and her wants with Max. And while Max was a bit of a muppet when he accused Nikki of breaking his trust - at least he managed to catch on to his mistake pretty quickly.

And in the keeping of the book being a sweet and romantic tale - we get a few kisses and when the time comes to do the deed, the bedroom door firmly shuts us out. Not even a peek. Nor a rundown of events after the fact either. Oh well, at least I have my imagination!

This was a lovely, sweet tale of two people who are so right for each other - just with the wrong circumstances and the wrong time. It’s a book any Mills and Boon fan will enjoy reading and I’ll be looking out for more stories by Kandy Shepherd in the future. 4 stars.


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