In the Boss's Bed by J. Margot Critch Connor was already embarrassed after a dare - and a shot of vodka - resulted in one seriously sexy kiss with an even sexier stranger. She had no idea that the man she made out with was hotel magnate and reputed playboy Jamie Sellers. Or that she would soon be working for him

Maya won't let anything get in the way of her ambition. And she's determined to be taken seriously as she begins her career and not give in to the heat that's constantly driving her to distraction. Lust, that's all it is. The more Maya and Jamie ignore it, the stronger it gets. But ending up in the boss's bed won't just be Maya's wickedest fantasies come to life it'll be the end of her dreams.


This sounded like just my sort of Blaze - hot, sexy and just a little bit naughty. Sex in the office? Yes, please!

I wasn’t disappointed as soon as I started to read - I just adored Maya. She was fun, feisty but also a card-carrying introvert and I felt an immediate kinship with her. Her first interactions with Jamie were cute, sexy and also very realistic. Apologising for kissing him was genius!

From the start I also really enjoyed the writing style. It was quirky and fresh - a unique voice that even made me laugh out loud at certain times.

But as time went on in the book, I started to seriously lose interest. It seemed like nothing much would happen or if it did, it was a little samey. Let’s be colleagues. No - let’s be lovers. We can’t - let’s try colleagues again. Et cetera. I also really don’t like when sweeping statements are made to show the passing of time. “The next two weeks were much the same…”

With those big gaps in the timeline of the story, I also felt that a lot of the chemistry was missing. Sure, their inner monologues told that they could barely keep their hands off each other but I wasn’t seeing much evidence of their connection. I even started to skim the sex scenes because of this and that’s not like me.

Once the affair came out the story got a little bit interesting again but by that time I felt Maya had changed into a person I didn’t recognise or even like. Some random tells you she’s been sleeping with your man and while you don’t really believe it or even pitch a fit, you still tell him to get out of your life. What?

As other reviewers have really liked this book, I suppose it’s just horses for courses. It’s not one I took a great liking to but I will read more of J. Margot Critch’s books because I can see that if the story grabs me, I’ll really like her writing. Just 2 stars from me for this one, though.



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