Bring Me To Life by Kira Sinclair

Subject: Evan Huntley, Special Ops

Status: Believed to have been killed in action…until now!

Three years is a long time. Long enough for Tatum Huntley to leave heartbreak behind for the idyllic town of Sweetheart, South Carolina. Long enough to start over. Yet not long enough to forget the devastation left behind when he died. Her husband. The man whose touch haunts her… And the man who just walked back into her life.

All Evan Huntley wants is to get the woman he loves back in his arms…and his bed. While her love for him never died, Tatum can't—and won't—forgive Evan for letting her believe he was dead. For leaving her alone. But can she resist giving in to the exquisite passion that still burns between them?


When you need some escapist fun - you really can’t beat a Blaze romance. They tend to be light, fun, sexy and a little shorter than a mass market paperback at roughly 224 pages.

Although this whole story centres around the grief and loss of a loved one (even if it turns out he is alive) the book never gets too deep into the emotions that might drag the story down. As it is, the book focusses more on the trust and love issues between Evan and Tatum - now that they are together once again.

I could really understand where Tatum was coming from and why she was so confused about what to do with regards to Evan - should she thank her lucky stars that her husband is back or push him away to protect herself from potential future heartache? The fact that she goes back and forth between the two options was completely understandable. Evan is a delicious male lead - who doesn’t love a hard bodied, tough, tattooed man with a soft streak when it comes to the woman he loves? He is a bit hard headed when it comes to his job and understanding why Tatum doesn’t jump back into his arms - but his male idiocy just adds credibility to their story!

Nice love scenes - hot and spicy. Just what you would expect from a Blaze. There are also some small cameos from others who have appeared in previous Kira Sinclair books set in Sweetheart, South Carolina. Despite this, the book stands completely alone so you don’t need to have read any others to enjoy and understand this one.

My only criticism is a personal one (and I didn’t let it affect my rating of the book). On several occasions the subject of suicide came up with one or both of the main characters remarking that it was a cowardly act. In many (presumably not all, but many) cases of suicide, it is the final and only option people feel is available to them. They may feel they are doing what is best for their family and that they, physically and mentally, just cannot possibly go on. I don’t think this is cowardly - it’s sad and desperate and shouldn’t be belittled by people who (luckily and thankfully) don’t understand.

Apologies for the rant - it’s been bothering me since I read what was otherwise a very enjoyable book. And the book was good and worth a read if you like the Uniformly Hot Blaze collection or just want a hot escape for a couple of hours.


224 pages


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